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Hi, I'm Shelby Ferrin, a freelance graphic designer with a soft spot for school drama clubs and community theaters,
specializing in the design and production of promotional materials for theatrical productions.

Making small town productions look Big Time!

Great advertising isn't just for the big city. Drama Doodles has
served middle schools, high schools, children's theater groups,
community theaters, dinner theaters, and ambitious startups in
California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey,
Connecticut, Illinois, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

"Better than Broadway"

Your patrons have said it. Maybe it's true.
But does anyone else even know you're there?
It's time to move on from home-made flyers
and let your community know what you're made of.

All the world's a stage, and your life a play upon it.
Who's advertising your show?

The average community-based theatrical production in the
United States is the result of more than 8,000 man-hours! From
the teenager making her stage debut to the retired man who
helps build sets to the school teacher accompanying rehearsals,
the theater brings people together to selflessly create something
greater than the sum of its parts. After 8,000 hours together,
cast and crew become more than just friends. Their worlds revolve
around that show, and for 3 months at a time, they become family.

Your show, your life, your shining moment:

Does a generic logo really do it justice?

Drama Doodles

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